Speed Beez Korth and Smith & Wesson 44 Magnum N Frame (Model 629) 6 Shot Loading Block and Case Speed Loader Value Pack

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Speed Beez fits all Korth .44 Magnums, all Smith & Wesson .44 Magnum N Frame (Model 29/629) & Ruger Super Redhawks & Taurus LBRs in .44 Magnum/Special

6 Shot Loading Block and Case Speed Loader Value Pack


One Speed Beez Speed Loader

One Loading Block

One SBC Case (COL (case overall length) that allows the lid to close 1.510)

Get it all with one click


The Value Pack combines the speed loader, Speed Block and Case for your Smith & Wesson N Frame 44 magnum. Now you can pre stage your rounds before you go to the range for some fast and fun shooting.

A simple push down on the Speed loader clicks in the rounds in less than 1 second…. transfer them to the cylinder…. push again and click your empty chambers are full.

The average person with a little practice can be reloading their revolver in seconds.

The Block and Case holds the rounds works with all the S&W 44 N Frame 6 shot and the Speed Beez speed loader, load up close the case toss it in the range bag no more spills.

This is a great why to keep everything nice and neat and ready to go when you get to your favourite shooting hole.

New Combo now includes the block and the case and the loader. More enjoyment and save money buy the combo.

There are many different manufactures of 44 be sure and check if yours will fit you'll need a maximum overall case length of less than 1.510 inches to close the lid on the case. 1.510 inches will fit most the 44 Special and some 44 Magnum rounds. While most 44’s average less than 1.470 inches

The maximum COL (case overall length) that allows the lid to close 1.510. Get it all with one click.

Now get ready for Loads of Fun and Make Your Day !