• Speed Beez for most 44 Magnum 6 Shot Revolvers - Korth NXR NXS, Smith & Wesson Taurus and Ruger Super Redhawk - Speed Loader 6 Shot

    £50.00 £47.50

    A Proven Reliable Speed Loader for most .44 Magnum and .44 Special Revolvers

    Fits 6 Shot Models from:

    Korth NXR/NXS

    Smith & Wesson 629 29 and all S&W N Frame 44’s

    Taurus LBRs in UK

    Ruger Super Redhawk

    Gives You Faster Reloads

    Made in the USA!

    Loads of Fun!

    Patented Pending

    Also Fits Ruger 44 Magnums Alaskan


    Love shooting your revolver-Hate loading your revolver one cartage at a time!

    Shooting a .44 Magnum puts enough strain on your hands. Why put your fingers through any more stress by making them reload cartridge by cartridge by cartridge?

    The Speed Beez Smith & Wesson 44 Magnum 6-shot speed loader is precision-made so that all of your rounds drop in at the same time. You’ll spend less time reloading and more time shooting…with a little practice, most marksmen can reload their cylinders from the optional loading dock in under 3 seconds. How fast can you unload 12 rounds? Find out!

    Focus on your shooting and not on our reloading when you use our 44 Magnum speed loaders!