• Speed Beez Smith & Wesson 686 Speed Loader 6 Shot (38/357) & Fits Chiappa Rhino

    £50.00 £45.00

    A Proven Reliable Speed Loader

    Fits Smith & Wesson L Frame 386, 586, 686 and Fits Chiappa Rhino 6 Shot Revolvers

    Gives You Faster Reloads

    Loads of Fun!

    Product Description

    When you’re at the range, you’re there to shoot, not to spend all your time reloading by hand! If you’ve got a Smith & Wesson Model 686 6-shot revolver in .38/.357, Speed Beez has the speedloader you need to spend much more time shooting!

    Shooting with Speed Beez is simple.

    Just click one of our speed loaders into your next six rounds in the loading block, then insert them into your cylinder. With a simple push, they’re in.

    Our Speed loaders are American-made and ready to last for years.

    Whether you need a 38 speed loader or a 357 speed loader, Speed Beez has just what you need to make reloading as natural as shooting.

    Grab one today!

    S&W L-Frame 38/357 6 Shot Fits:

    Model 581

    Model 586

    PC 586

    Model 619

    Model 68

    Model 681

    Model 686

    686 Competitor

    PC 686

    686 SSR

    Ruger GP100 & Match Champion

    Fits Chiappa Rhino .38/357 including the UK specification LBRs

    Ask about discounts for multiple loaders and combined postage.