• SPEED BEEZ TEK-LOK 627 929 Moon Clip Belt Rack 8 Post (Fits Korth NX and Smith and Wesson 627, 929 9mm)

    £200.00 £195.00

    The fastest belt loader in the World - SPEED BEEZ TEK-LOK 627 929 Moon Clip Belt Rack 8 Post (Fits Korth NXA / NXS,  Smith & Wesson 627 .38Spl & 929 9mm)

    Holds 8 Fully Loaded 8 Shot Moon Clips

    Fits Smith & Wesson Model 627 8 Shot 38/357

    Fits New Smith & Wesson 929 8 Shot 9mm

    For .45acp N Frames and .38 6 Shot and Taurus 7 Shot L Frames use the thinner post model found on our other listing.


    This moon clip belt rack is competition proven, holds up to eight moon clips magnetically! It also works well if you’re just having fun on the range, because you’ll always have your reloads in reach.

    • Use with Smith & Wesson Model 627 .38/.357 8-shot
    • Use with Smith & Wesson Model 929 9mm 8-shot
    • Made of lightweight aluminum alloy and Delrin.
    • One-piece design secures to your belt easily with Postive Latching System.
    • WARNING: Because of the magnet used in this moon clip holder, you should not use it if you have electronic medical devices such as pacemakers and insulin injection systems.

    Know exactly where your next 64 shots are coming from with the Beez Rax moon clip holder from Speed Beez!


    See our other listing for the .45acp / .38 Spl 6 shot version !