• SPOHR REVOLVERS - UK Compliant Long Barrel Revolvers in development soon


    Thomas Spohr, a well-known member of the internationally prestigious S&W Club 30, brings his exceptional experience in firearms technology and gunsmithing to his revolver product lines.

    Thomas studied firearms technology from the HTBL Federal Technische school in Ferlach (Austria), a school with 135 years of tradition in the heart of Ferlach where firearms manufacturing has a 450 year history.
    Thomas continued his studies graduating as a Master Gunsmith from the Ehingen school outside of Stuttgart.

    As a member of the German S&W Club 30 after graduation, he became involved in the high-end tuning of Smith & Wesson sporting revolvers.

    He found his passion in this area and began to develop his own line of revolvers. Thomas combines the highest quality design with German craftsmanship to present the shooter with revolvers dedicated to absolute precision.

    Sold to discriminating shooters in Germany since 2019, the Spohr revolver product line is now also available to the US market.

    Watch here for updates on UK compliant LBRs.