UniqueTek Stuck Case Remover kit for Resizing Dies

£47.50 £45.50

The UniqueTek Stuck Case Remover kit allows you to quickly remove stuck cases from sizing dies without damaging the Die Body or the Expander/Decap assembly. It is unique in that it utilizes the power of your single-stage reloading press to remove the stuck case. 

After the primer pocket is drilled through the case web and threaded 1/4″-20, the die is reinstalled in the press and the Stuck Case Puller assembly is installed on your press ram … just like any shell holder. The ram is raised and the Stuck Case Puller Assembly is threaded into the case web. On the down stroke of the press ram, the stuck case is removed from the die and off the Expander/Decap assembly.

Included in Kit:
 #7 Drill Bit
 1/4″-20 Thread Tap
 Stuck Case Puller Assembly
 For use on single-stage presses only.