• Summer Solstice Grand Tournament 2022


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    Match report:

    Thank you to all the competitors and a huge THANK YOU to all that helped make this a fantastic festival of Practical shooting at it's best.
    And extra thank you to the QM and his Vice QM who without their skills and dedication the match would not have happened.

    190 Rounds 
    8 Stages
    This is the closest we get to see to the Extreme series here in the UK.

    The Solstice Grand Tournaments are designed to test the Competitive Shooter to their limit over several skill sets in all the IPSC / NRA approved Divisions.
    These divisions allow a shooter to push his abilities to the limit with Rifle, Pistol and Revolver in both Iron Sights and Optical Sights classes.

    All IPSC Categories are recognised so each competitor can assess their performance against similar age/gender as well as overall.

    Come and join us through out the year for our Grand Tournament Training Days.


    All Match & Training enquiries to: solsticeshoot@gmail.com