Super Demooner Moon Clip Unloading Tool for 6 or 8 Shot Full Moon Clips


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Deluxe Metal - version of the fastest and most efficient full moon clip unloader. Will unload even the most expanded brass. Unloads 45 ACP, 10mm and 40 S&W brass from 6 and 8 shot full moon clips. Will unload up to 45 Winchester Magnum and .38Spl/.357 Magnum 6 and 8 shot full moon clips. 


  • Not for use with CCI Blazer Ammunition
  • Not for use with Independent Brand Ammunition
  • The extractor groove diameter is too large in the brass mentioned above and therefore no Demooners will work with that ammunition
  • Carefully line up the brass on the clip while using to remove 2 pieces of brass at a time
  • Attempting to remove 1 piece of brass at a time could result in bent moon clips and or damaged brass