Molon Labe - Come and Take Them - TekMat - Gun Cleaning Mat


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Molon Labe meaning "come and take them", is a classic expression of defiance. According to Herodotus, when Xerxes of Persia demanded that the Greeks surrender their weapons at the Battle of Thermopylae, King Leonidas responded with this phrase. It is an exemplary use of a laconic phrase. The soft top of this mat protects your gun from scratches while the neoprene rubber backing protects your work surface from chemicals while keeping everything in place.

This isn't your ordinary gun cleaning mat! Show your pride as a gun owner while using this high quality neoprene rubber backed and cloth top gun cleaning mat will protect your gun bench, desk, kitchen table, or whatever surface you use to clean and maintain your gun. You likely keep your gun in a soft padded case or maybe a gun cabinet with a felt lined rack to protect it so why would you scratch your gun while cleaning or repairing it by setting it on a hard surface that could easily scratch your firearm? 

The soft polyester top will ensure your gun doesn't get scratched while the neoprene rubber backing on the mat will keep everything in place and prevent your work surface from sliding around. This mat will also keep harmful chemicals, oil and dirt from penetrating down to your desk, bench or the area where you normally clean and work on your firearms. After the mat begins to accumulate too much dirt, chemicals, or oil just throw it in the wash on a gentle cycle, allow to air dry and it will be virtually like new. 

This gun cleaning mat measures 11"h x 17"w and is 1/8" thick. 

This size is perfect for a handgun and makes an awesome mouse pad.