• THE PRIMUS LOADER by MAGLOAD - Wrist Mounted Option 3 Loader

    £22.00 £19.50

    THE PRIMUS LOADER by MAGLOAD - Wrist Mounted Option 3 Loader


    The Primus Loader presents your first (prime) round right on your wrist. With practice you can load that first shot with a similar movement to a regular Option 3 Loader.

    2x magnets and specially designed geometry retains the shell securely yet the directional release lets you drop the round smoothly into the chamber. Place the round into the chamber, then simultaneously move your hand forward and away, disengaging the round and leaving your hand in position to either hit the bolt release or move the pump and continue loading from the shoulder or under the arm. The Double Quad Loaders will let you load your remaining rounds effortlessly. The loader is designed with a low profile and special geometry so that it will not impede smooth quad loading.

    Lightweight custom blend polymer and a genuine Velcro strap made under licence in the UK by one of Velcro’s authorised partners, you know that the components that make up the Primus Loader are UK made and the best they can possibly be.

    “A quick one off the wrist” as recommended by Dave Smith, Rossendale