TK Custom S&W 686+ Plus Taurus Model 66 7 Shot .38 / .357 Moon Clips 0.25" THE CYLINDER MUST BE MACHINED!

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TK Custom S&W 686+ Plus Taurus Model 66 7 Shot .38 / .357 Moon Clips 0.25


TK Custom is your one-stop shop for Taurus 66 .38/.357 caliber Moon Clips that fit perfectly every time.

We re-designed the 66 moon clips without slits to make them superb for loading and unloading your revolver.

We understand that when it comes to Moon Clips, you need something that will last.

Our Taurus 66 .38/.357 Moon Clips do just that. Our clips will fit all 66 Taurus 7-shot revolvers that have been machined for moon clips by TK Custom.

These moon clips are machined from stainless steel to a tighter tolerance than all other Moon Clips on the market. We are the leading retailer of Taurus Moon Clips and Accessories, and once you try our products, you will know why. 

We carry a wide selection of moon clips and accessories for all makes and models of revolvers.

Our moon clips are separated from other companies because we focus on the best fitment possible for fast reloads.

Whether you’re looking for a standard set of Moon Clips or something more specialized, we have you covered!  

THE CYLINDER MUST BE MACHINED  - STANDARD UK LBRs will not accept this without the adjustment by a qualified gunsmith and then reproofed.


  • SHOOT FASTER - A must-have for any Taurus 66 owner, TK Custom's Moon Clips make loading, unloading, and reloading speedier than ever before. Stay firing with the quick and sure reloads our moon clips provide.
  • COMPETITION READY - This lightweight and dependable moon clip drastically reduces loading and ejecting time. Made with range sessions and elite competition use in mind.
  • SUPERB FITMENT - This Taurus 66 moon clip is perfectly aligned, holding your rounds securely and deploying them precisely. It's also Sleeker and less bulky than traditional speed loaders.
  • MADE IN AMERICA - Our Taurus 66 moon clip uses high-strength 0.025 thick durable stainless steel that can fire thousands of rounds before replacement. Only the best will do for the USPSA Champion TK Custom Team Members.
  • FOR THE AVID TARGET SHOOTER - We’re so sure our Taurus 66 moon clip will enhance your competition shooting experience that we back them with our own special promise: 
  • PACKAGE QUANTITY - Moon Clips are per moon clip
  • AMMO COMPATIBILITY: Designed to fit all brands of ammunition.
  • We Offer Super-Fast Delivery on all Moon Clips and Revolver parts! With our lightning-fast shipping, you'll have your order in no time!
  • All our parts are made in the USA using the latest manufacturing technologies and techniques.
  • We believe in supporting American businesses and workers and are committed to providing our customers with products that meet their highest expectations.
  • We here in the UK are doing our bestto keep the art of revolver shooting alive !