• UniqueTek - Port-A-Stand 'Bracket' = 1 pair of metal target bases

    £50.00 £47.50

    The Port-A-Stand™ 'Bracket' is an ultra-compact, ultra-light target stand.

    You can easily take multiple sets with you in less space than a single conventional target stand.

    Just add batten and targets, and you are ready to shoot!

    The Port-A-Stand™ 'Bracket' is the essence of a target stand.

    All unnecessary components, material and weight have been striped away.

    This also makes them the most versatile target stand currently available.

    You can easily position targets in complex patterns including shoulder to shoulder, staggered, overlapping (for no shoots or hard cover), and just about anything you can imagine.

    Tough coating means these last when used outdoors - we have some agencies that use these in an extreme maritime environment.

    Q: Why is there no "H" Bar connecting the two brackets?
    A: An "H" Bar is not needed! Once a cardboard target (or any scrap cardboard) is stapled between two the furring strips/batten, the target frame holds the Port-A-Stand™ 'Brackets' at the proper separation.
    No "H" Bar means that Port-A-Stand™ 'Brackets' are infinitely adjustable to support any width target!
    No "H" Bar means that Port-A-Stand™ 'Brackets' can be easily overlapped or nested for No Shoots, Hard Cover, etc.!
    If you really feel that you need an "H" Bar, we have provided pockets through which you can pass a furring strip/batten.

    Q: What length furring strips should I use for the feet?
    A: 2 ft works just fine. You can use longer batten, if needed, on a breezy day.

    Q: My range is very windy. What is the best way to anchor it down?
    A: Using longer batten for the feet is helpful. But the Port-A-Stand™ 'Bracket' is so light, a sandbag or tent stake may be needed in strong or gusty winds. The best way is to install a batten as an "H" bar, drill a hole in the centre of the batten and drive just 1 tent stake in through the hole. Instead of a tent stake, you can use a sandbag.

    * Batten, strap and Targets are not included.

    Port-A-Stand is a trademark of UniqueTek, Inc. USA and proudly represented by Firing Solutions in the Eastern Hemisphere.