• UniqueTek - Bulk Powder Feed Kit

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    Bulk Powder Feed Kit

    Bulk Powder Feed Kit
    Bulk Powder Feed Module -3D RenderingBulk Powder Feed Module on Powder HopperExample 1:  Installation on Dillon XL 650Example 2: Installation on Dillon XL 650
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    The Bulk Powder Feed™ Kit continuously refills your powder measure, keeping your powder hopper at a constant full level.

     Maintains Powder Hopper at Constant Full Level
     Gunpowder is Gravity Fed through Clear PVC Tubing
     Directly from 8lb or 4lb Container
     Fits Powder Hoppers from 2.62″ to 2.3″ OD 

    † Including Dillon (2.65″), UniqueTek (2.50″) and Dram Worx (2.25″).

    Great for Powder Thirsty Rifle Cartridges and Shotgun Shells!

     Bulk Powder Feed™ Module
     3 Feet of Clear 1/2″ OD PVC Tubing
     Self-Locking Push On Retaining Ring
     Tubing Clamp

    Bulk Powder Feed is a trademark of UniqueTek, Inc.