UNIQUETEK - DILLON XL 650 Bearing Indexer Block

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UNIQUETEK - DILLON XL 650 Bearing Indexer Block

This Bearing Indexer Block provides smoother operation of the Indexer Ring on Dillon XL 650 presses. It also eliminates wear of and the need to lubricate the Indexer Ring.

 Smoother Operation of Indexer Ring
 and Indexing of Shellplate
 Eliminates Wear of Indexer Block and Ring Indexer
 Eliminates Neet to Lubricate Indexer Block and Ring Indexer

 Ball Bearing
• Durable Anodized Aluminum Base
 Easy Bolt On Installation

1) This product is NOT compatible with the new Dillon XL 750 Press.
2) Although photos show blue anodizing, the actual color may be black, red, gold or blue. Due to the small production run sizes, our parts are grouped in with whatever color anodizing is being run at that time.