Universal Rollsizer


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Universal Rollsizer

The Universal Rollsizer is an Adjustable Rollsizer capable of rollsizing all cases between 380ACP and 50BMG in one machine.

The rollsizer is manual only operation which allows the user to dial in their own sizing requirements with extremely high accuracy and repeatability.

The Universal Rollsizer is ideally suited for low volume shooter who have a lot of different calibres or precision and long range shooters who are looking for the ultimate in reloaded cases.

The Universal Rollsizer by Rollsizer.com has been made with precision and repeatability in mind and has been fitted with a high accuracy Vernier adjustment.

Once you set the adjustment the way you want it, record the setting and you can go back and forth between any of the calibres with 100% repeatability.

The Universal Rollsizer can also be fitted with your own Digital or Analogue Vernier (not supplied) these are available from most hardware or machining suppliers.

Please note, the rollsizer is not suitable for belted cases (i.e. 300 Weatherby magnum and belted cases).