• SPEED BEEZ ® Smith & Wesson ® Five-Shot 500 X-Frame Speed Loader

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    Speed Beez Smith & Wesson 500 X-Frame Speed Loader

    Improve your range time with this 50 caliber speed loader for your Smith Wesson 500 revolver.

    • This speed loader was designed to offer a precise fit the S&W X Frame 500 50 caliber 5 shot revolver only.
    • Each Speed Beez speed loader is built to provide you with years of reliable use.
    • Order the matching loading blocks to quickly reload the speed loader !
    • We design and build each speed loader in the United States.

    Product Description

    Do you hate loading your revolver one cartridge at a time? Do you need an easier way?

    With a new 5 Shot Speed Beez Smith & Wesson 500 X-Frame Speed Loader, your revolver can be as much fun to load as it is to shoot.

    And when used with a Speed Beez speed-block, the speed-loader is now quick and easy to load — A simple push down on the base of the speed-loader secures the rounds from the speed-block into the speed-loader, now you simply transfer the rounds to the cylinder, and to release, push again, now your empty chambers are full. Give a Speed Beez speed-loader a try and enjoy more shooting satisfaction.

    Tough and durable, it’s ready to give you a lifetime of reloads.

    Pick up one of our speed-loaders and a speed-block today and experience the difference.

    Thank you for shopping with Speed Beez aiming to provide you with the largest selection of high-quality revolver accessories on the planet.