• KORTH Long Barrel Revolver - NSX in .44 REMINGTON MAGNUM - 12" Barrel UK Specification

    £5,450.00 £5,257.00

    KORTH Long Barrel Revolver - NSX 6” .44 MAGNUM - 12" Barrel UK Specification

    Firing Solutions & Team Korth UK are pleased to bring you some of the best UK Legal Long Barrel Revolvers available in the World.

    We stock all models in all calibres as we are dedicated to providing UK Shooters with the best equipment choices.

    Caliber: .44 Magnum / 6 Shot
    Weight: 3:12 lb
    Height: 6.3 inch
    Lenght total: 25.25 inch
    Width: 1.71 inch
    Barrel length: 12.01 inch

    Cold forged Precision barrel
    DLC coating
    Adjustable rear sight left-right & up – down
    Cylinder release classic back left
    Fast change front sight
    Double action & single action Trigger
    High Speed Hammer
    Jim Wilson Grip
    Additional locking surface for strongest loads
    Main spring from outside adjustable incl. tool
    Technical modifications reserved

    A Note on the Worldwide Primer Shortage - When you buy any Korth Revolver from us you also get an option to buy from our Primer Reserve. 

    We have ring-fenced a minimum of 5000 Federal Small or Large Pistol Primers for each new owner.

    As a customer of ours you will also have access to the best training from UK Grand Masters and Members of Team Korth UK.  Including discounted entry fees to upcoming ICORE and IPSC LBR matches.

    We do not mail order or dealer transfer guns of this quality, neither can we accept any part exchange or dealer discounts.